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Promoting unity, friendship, aid (physical, financial or otherwise) to members in times of need, in sorrow or in joy.  


The Gadangme Council of New York (Council), which is based in the Bronx, is a New York State certified non-profit voluntary organization, founded in July of 2011 by members of the Ghanaian diaspora community in the New York City metropolitan area.  Most of the members of the organization are natives of the Gadangme tribes from Greater Accra region.


The main objectives of the organization are to promote unity, friendship, aid (physical, financial or otherwise) to members in times of need, in sorrow or in joy.  The Council does educate the younger generation about American and Ghanaian history, their respective cultures and how the two sovereign nations do relate to each other.  Members of the organization do meet on a monthly/regular basis to organize and participate in various yearly and/or seasonal functions. Specifically, every year in the month of August, we gather to celebrate this unique “Homowo” festival around the same time that it is being celebrated among the indigenous tribes in the Greater Accra region.  The word “Homowo” simply means “shaming hunger”.  To put this in the proper context and emphasize its significance, “Homowo” is quite similar to the American “Thanksgiving Day” or the “Chinese New Year”.  On this occasion, special ethic food called “Kpokpoi” is prepared and shared with family, friends, and invited guests.  “Kpokpoi” is made of steamed white corn meal mixed thoroughly with palm oil and it is served with palm nut soup.


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